Ultima 3 for Mac

Produced by: Lair Ware
Website: Ultima III @ LairWare

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This stunning port of Ultima 3 to OS X features 32-bit graphics, 3D-rendered fountains and shrines, the friendly Macintosh interface, and a wonderful musical score. It is shareware, so you will need to buy the full version from LairWare (current price: $5 USD) in order to be able to complete the game (the demo prevents you from reaching Ambrosia). And really, that’s a pretty decent deal for what is arguably the best version of Ultima 3 available.

For those of you who don’t have a Mac but want to give this one a try, you’ll need to set up OS X inside a virtual machine. Which, granted, isn’t the easiest proposition, but it can be done.

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