Ultima 3 for PalmOS

Produced by: SoftwareByPaul
Website: Ultima 3 for Palm OS @ Softpedia

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This novel port of Ultima 3 to the PalmOS offered a number of improvements over the original game, according to its developer. This version also featured top-down dungeon navigation (instead of the forward-facing view of the original) and battle sequences. For a little while, at least, you could battle monsters and overthrow the hellspawn Exodus on your PDA, as long as you had PalmOS 5 or better.

This development did come at a price, however; a demo was released as shareware, but the full version had to be purchased. This demo is now all that is available for download, but the notable limitations in it are that you cannot purchase food, reach Ambrosia, or find Exotic items. The full-version, sadly, is no longer available. Nor, indeed, are Palm devices. The developer’s website has been offline for some time (it was hosted at the now-defunct Geocities), and CNet has similarly done away with their copy of the full game.

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